Klec - CD 15 pisni o lasce (15 Songs About Love)

After four years, seven months and fifteen days of its existence,  Klec releases its debut CD 15 pisni o lasce. It consists of 12 traditional Klezmer rmelodies (2 instrumentals, 9 with Czech and one with Yiddish texts) plus 3 original songs, all rock. Several recordings are available here in MP3 (see below).

You can buy the CD at the concerts, in the distribution network of  the Indies Records or in Tamizdat, an internet CD shop (To access our CD type "Klec" into "Keyword(s)" and press "Search"). For more info, call +420+602+128963, or mail  martin@klec.cz.

1. Elimele  (Rabbi Elimeylekh) - MP3

2. Brandvajn (Vie Tsvie Is Naftule Der Driter) - MP3

3. Smastafara

4. Oj

5. Zlodejska (Na Barbude)

6. Di Mame (Di Mame Iz Gegangen) - MP3

7. Buhuser (Buhusher Khosid)

8. Moje mila

9. Odesla laska (Kajo Berge)

10. Levicova (Ale Brider)

11. Nudle (Nudl Nudl Un A Nudl)

12. Sedi Dove (Shprayz Ich Mir)

13. Boty (Di Saposhkelach)

14. Jozka (Joshke Fort Aveg) - MP3

15. Blaznivy krejci (Shneider Shneider)

Not permitted: Vrat se mi (Lover, lover, lover...) - MP3


see extract from a critique of the CD