Jiri Vana (1971) -- bass. Played in several bands in Prague, e.g. in Naslouchejte hlasu vypravece led by Jan Hlavac. He lives in a  house on the countryside and is a dealer with anything cool. 

Karolina Vancurova (1982) - violinist, known from several other bands (Jewish groups Ester and Chesed, folk trio Sestry Steinovy) Mother of Martin's son Samuel.  .  

Who is Who (in Klec)

Jana Modrackova (1975) -drummer, singer and trumpet player (not in Klec, though): Small in stature but fierce in her playing; a graduated  expert in agriculture. Her debut at the Prague rock scene was her gig with the legendary band Zuby nehty (where she replaced Hana Repova). On top of that, she is recently a member of the Prague outfit Traband. She is not married.

Martin Smid (1970)the founder: plays the flute and acoustic guitar, and sings. He is the author of all Klecish Czech lyrics and of some of the melodies. Besides, he is a mathematician and a student of sciences, more or less esoteric. Father of Karolina's son Samuel frontman of the band. His rock career began in 1995 in  Kapitan Kajman (during the band's "horrible period"). He left a year later to form a folk/rock outfit, the Lunovis, which he left after a year and a half due to its inconsistency and in order to pursue his own development in music and other areas. Founded Klec in the early spring of 1997.

Stefan Culik (1965) electric guitar: the oldest by age, a lawyer by occupation. He comes from Slovakia and is married (his wife Blanka is a pedagogue). Elmar Tausin-
- klarinetist, teenager, student of Jewish secondary school, actor.